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Help us find best workouts on the planet with Exertrack on Facebook!

Help us find the best workouts on the planet with Exertrack on Facebook!

…there are already over 150
podcasts,video instruction and workout how-to’s.
If your best exercise isn’t listed, just add it and watch it climb the rankings!

Find and rank new workouts & exercises – see what everyone else is using for the best results – thousands of us can’t be wrong.
Click here to share YOUR favorites now.

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Free Animated Execise instructions available from Exertrack

Yes, we’re back with more free exercise and workout stuff for you!


You can also get more exercise instruction at, or podcasts at

Enjoy, and don’t forget to add links to your own exercise instruction, exercise video or fitness podcasts at Exertrack Workouts..

Free Animated Execise instructions available from Exertrack


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Video, Podcasts, text workout instructions

We have launched Exertrack Workouts!

Exertrack workouts are the place to find, add and rate your best workouts. This includes podcasts, video instruction and normal workout how-to’s. There are already over 40 workouts available, so go over to and have a look.

Feel free to add your favourites – whether they are podcasts, video instruction or anything else exercise or workout related , or rate the one’s already there.

Exertrack Workouts

You can also subscribe to the handy RSS feeds to stay up to date with favourites…

Another free service brought to you by Exertrack – making free exercise instruction available to all!

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Thanks for the Exertrack v2.0 response

Wow! We have had a huge and positive response to Exertrack version 2.0. You have downloaded thousands of copies and podcasts, and are actually using them and diligently updating your stats.

You have also earned over 480,000 Health Points since January (that’s a lot of workouts!) through updating and tracking your workouts. Well Done!

Remember, you can earn Health Points by creating workouts, updating your stats, viewing your charts online, upgrading from Exertrack 1.2 to Exertrack 2.0, referring friends and also through upgrading to a Gold Subscription! These points can earn you a free Gold Upgrade, or a Gold Upgrade for a friend, so keep it up.

We have some cool new web 2.0 stuff coming, so watch this space for more free exercise stuff…

(and don’t forget the iPod Competition – only a few weeks left!)

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Exertrack v2.0 Launches

Major upgrade for Exertrack™ Exercise, workout and fitness performance management network.

Exertrack™ v2.0 is here! We have introduced a new version of Exertrack™ Exercise, workout and fitness performance management software (v2.0). This is the first virtual training network that combines offline and online features to manage workouts and exercise routines, integrated exercise instruction, mp3 exercise podcasting and online, real-time advice on optimizing exercise performance.

Watch the moment of truth here

To celebrate the launch of version 2.0, Exertrack™ is giving away an Apple iPod shuffle to a lucky Green member and a super iPod Nano to a Gold member!

Click below to subscribe now…

Here’s a preview of the new Exertrack website, as well as the all new version 2.0 software.

We’ve also added Exertrack™ Health Points. By simply using Exertrack™ , updating your programs regularly and referring your friends, you collect Exertrack™ Health Points, which are redeemable for additional Memberships, extended access to the Exertrack™ network, and some great prizes.

To experience the new version, subscribe here to enter the competition now and check out the new Exertrack website, podcast website and Exertrack version 2.0 software.

All existing subscribers can simply login and download the new version. Watch your email for a massive discount on version 2.0 Gold Edition!

That’s the quick update! For more detail about what’s new – keep reading…

So what’s changed?

We’ve been listening to your feedback and completely redesigned Exertrack™. Some of the new features and enhancements are:

· The online Exertrack™ Advisor feature got a “major” upgrade to make it easier for gym-goers, athletes and personal trainers to use.

· Exertrack™ Advisor Analysis for Performance & Progress includes Exertrack™ Advisor 3D Graphs for:

o Program Performance per Exercise

o Session Progress per Muscle group

o Exercise Performance

o Body Progress Analysis over Time

o Body Performance over Time

o Body Performance per Program

o Body Stats Muscle Performance

o Muscle Group Progress

o Muscle Group Performance

o Muscle Group Progress per Exercise

o Muscle Group Training Performance

o Health Stats Performance

o Popular Muscles across the Network

o Popular Exercise Days

o Popular Exercises

o Exertrack Health Points

o Login History

o And more to come… if there’s something you want that’s not here, ask us and we’ll add it to the Exertrack Network.

o These charts will help you to compare & Analyze your performance over time, give you a full body progress overview and detail on muscle groups and track progress of specific muscles.

o We also give you some Shared Global Trends on exercise performance to see what’s popular, such as the most popular workouts, muscles trained, exercise days & exercises used.

o The Exertrack Advisor also provides and extended body analysis to keep you on track.

· We’ve integrated the mp3 podcasts into the your exercise program for personalised exercise instruction

· 3 Free workouts are included, with 37 podcasts:
• 8 Beginner exercises included in your sample program
• 18 Intermediate exercises included in your sample program
• 11 Advanced exercises included in your sample program

· You can now also track your Health stats, as well as your body measurements· We’ve redesigned the screen to take the effort out of updating and creating workoutsThe Exertrack™ virtual training network has been expanded from the free Green Membership offering to the enhanced Gold Membership, at a price of just $24.99 per year. In comparison to personal training fees, this is a small price to pay for the secure, global access to your exercise performance information!

Click here to see the Gold Membership benefits

More about Exertrack™

Since Exertrack™ v1.0 was introduced in 2004; thousands of individuals and hundreds of personal trainers have begun using Exertrack™ to keep them on track with their training programs with the unique approach of blending the best of offline and online applications to give them access from any PC with the Exertrack™ software available.

Exertrack™ wants to expand its 10 000 plus user base by providing useful and targeted information to take exercise tracking and management to a new level, while making this available to the health conscious internet community. The Exertrack™ Exercise podcasts, of which over 100 000 have been downloaded to date; will continue to provide free exercise instructions via the Exerpod Blog and iTunes distribution. Part of the upgrade is the integration of these podcasts into Exertrack™ v2.0.

Future versions will include many more Exertrack™ features. In the pipeline are shared workouts from the Exertrack™ Network, an Upload & Download area for sharing custom workouts, Workout upload alerts, and email reminders of your weekly programs and targets!

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Solved! Windows Vista and Vodafone 3G

UPDATE: This worked for RC1, and as many of you have pointed out, not for RC2 or anything after, including the released version. Looks like Vodafone has not got it’s act together yet, and it’s still not possible to use 3G on Vista from them. Pity… We’ll leave the post up for another week, and then remove it as it’s no longer useful…

Continue Reading October 13, 2006 at 9:38 am 26 comments

Exertrack v2.0 Beta completed!

The Exertrack v2.0 Beta is over – we’ve had excellent help and suggestions from some very dedicated testers. We’ve incorporated some of the suggestions and the software is ready for release. We are just finalising the new and Exertrack podcast websites – these should be ready very soon and the it’s time to LAUNCH! We can’t wait to bring you this exciting update to make your exercise tracking and logging easier and more informative.

coming VERY sooooon!!!

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