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Solved! Windows Vista and Vodafone 3G

UPDATE: This worked for RC1, and as many of you have pointed out, not for RC2 or anything after, including the released version. Looks like Vodafone has not got it’s act together yet, and it’s still not possible to use 3G on Vista from them. Pity… We’ll leave the post up for another week, and then remove it as it’s no longer useful…


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Exertrack v2.0 Beta completed!

The Exertrack v2.0 Beta is over – we’ve had excellent help and suggestions from some very dedicated testers. We’ve incorporated some of the suggestions and the software is ready for release. We are just finalising the new and Exertrack podcast websites – these should be ready very soon and the it’s time to LAUNCH! We can’t wait to bring you this exciting update to make your exercise tracking and logging easier and more informative.

coming VERY sooooon!!!

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Exertrack v2.0 Beta Launched today!

We’re please to announced that Exertrack v2.0 Beta was distributed to the Beta test group today! Once we have their feedback and comments over the next week, we will finalise Exertrack v2.0 and release it – we’re aiming for the first week in August! It’s worth the wait, so watch this space.

Here’s a sneak preview…

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Exertrack weekly fitness favourites – Most popular muscle groups

Exertrack favourite muscle groups The most popular muscles exercised so far are the chest, shoulders, then legs…. see the graph for an update on which exercises seem to be working…

Exertrack v2.0 is in Beta 2 stage. The public beta will be available within the week – thank you for those of you who have offerered to test Exertrack v2.0

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Exertrack v2.0 PUBLIC BETA testers wanted!

Do you want to help us make Exertrack perfect for release?
We're looking for existing and new users of Exertrack to help us test the all new version 2.0.

Please email us on and we'll contact you in a few days with a pre-release copy of the software to try!

All comments and suggestions will be most welcome. – bringing free, quality exercise performance management, fitness and logging software to you!

For more information, or to track your own exercise workout's, download the Exertrack software from

or go to Exertrack Exercise Podcasts to download your MP3 exercises to build your exercise routines and download them to your iPod, cellular phone or pocketpc device (anything that can play MP3's or Podcasts). You can also subscribe through the Apple iTunes Player…

You can take your Exertrack Exercise Podcasts to gym with you and listen to your exercise instructions while you work out! Track your progress using Exertrack Software and stay focussed and motivated as you watch your progress!


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